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2023 News

10/2023, Hye Bin's research article on improving neural radiance field using a 3D point cloud (collab. w/ Hyun Min Han (HGU) and Dr. Hwang (HGU)) is available online.

9/2023, Dr. Chun's perspectives on autonomous driving are featured in this article.

8/2023, Jin Bok's research article on self-supervised imitation learning for autonomous driving (collab. w/ Jinkyu Lee (HGU), Dr. Hwang (HGU), and Dr. Won (SKKU)) is available online.

8/2023, Woonho (ECE) becomes an official member of the MIDAS lab. Welcome, Woonho (ECE)!

8/2023, Dr. Chun serves as the Director of International Collaboration Center, ICE, SKKU.

7/2023, Two new members officially joined the MIDAS lab. Welcome, Seohyun (ECE) and Yunsu (ECE)!

7/2023, Summer 2023 memories with CNIR:)

4/2023, Dr. Chun's full paper on a new fast and convergent iterative neural network is finally published in IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell., the top journal in AI and computer vision (IF '21: 24.314).

4/2023, Full paper on an iterative neural network for high-quality material decomposition in dual-energy CT (collab. w/ Zhipeng Li (SJTU) and Dr. Long (SJTU)) is published in Med. Phys. Congrats, Zhipeng!

3/2023, Full paper on real-time deep image segmentation-based vehicle localization and 3D map generation (collab. w/ Jinkyu Lee (HGU) and Dr. Hwang (HGU)) is published in IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst. Congrats, Jinkyu!

3/2023, Dr. Chun has been awarded the prestigious Outstanding Young Researcher Program of the National Research Foundation of Korea for fast iterative artificial intelligence with theories and applications to computational imaging.

3/2023, Six new members officially joined the MIDAS lab. Welcome, Wontae (AI), Sajid (ECE), Hyung Seok (ECE), Jin Bok (ECE), Sumin (ECE), and Hyungsup (ECE)!

2/2023, Dr. Chun is giving an invited talk at the Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (IPIU) on 2/10 in Jeju.


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